Air Sentry is Effective against all Airborne Pathogens and Air Pollutants, including Coronavirus.

Medical Grade Air System used extensively by the NHS & Private Healthcare.

Air Sentry is effective against all airborne pathogens

Protects against Tuberculosis


Protects against Aspergillosis


The Measles Virus - AirSentry Protects against Measles


Flu Virus, AirSentry Protects against Flu


Air Purifier Protects against Coronavirus


Removes all known airborne pathogens, including coronavirus, with a filtration efficacy of 100%.

The system also removes most reactive chemicals, including diathermy and laser plume.

Air Sentry have two Air Management Systems
designed for high risk and low risk pathogen areas:

Air Sentry Medical Grade Air Purifier

Medical Grade Air System

Designed for high risk pathogen areas such as Hospital Covid wards, ICU & Cohort wards.

This is the flagship system in use within the NHS and private healthcare hospitals since 2000. This system was already enabled to remove coronavirus from the air at the start of the pandemic in 2020. 

Air Purification

K9 air purifier, designed for lower risk areas

Designed for lower risk pathogen areas such as GP Practices, Dental surgeries, residential care & commercial.

The K9 air purifier was designed to allow lower risk pathogen areas to avail of the Air Sentry 20+ years of experience and air cleaning technology at a significantly reduced cost. 

Air Sentry® Offers:

Exceptional Air Biosecurity

Modules for positive & negative pressure

PPE and good infection control

Robust 24/7 operation

Ease of maintenance

Low purchase costs

Significant savings

Faster patient throughput

Supplement existing installations

Air Sentry HEPA and Carbon Filter

Our modular Air Sentry® system was developed alongside the NHS to ensure exceptional levels of air hygiene, low cost deployment and compliance with existing UK health care regulations, (HTM 03.01).

Air Sentry® is specifically designed for health care needs but can offer benefits in other sectors, including recreation, education and industry. Air Sentry® is effective against asbestos dust, sick building syndrome and in reducing air pollution in buildings – an increasing cause of breathing difficulties and preventable deaths.

Clients can maximise their investment by easily configuring and reconfiguring the Air Sentry® modular system to meet any change in needs and it can be linked to an existing HVAC system.

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How Air Sentry creates & maintains
Clean Air in a Cohort Ward

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Air Sentry cleans air in a cohort ward:

An illustration of how a medial air filter keeps a room's air clear of pathogens Shows how an Air Sentry Air Purifier keeps a ward free of Pathogens

Airsentry® generates a whole room air current to remove all opportunistic danger from the air within a cohort ward.

The Air Sentry® unit creates a whole room air current. This air is continuously cycled through our EN14644 part 3 bespoke filtration system which removes all particles, including coronavirus with an efficiency of 99.9999%.

How Airsentry creates & maintains
Clean air in a ICU Room

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Air Sentry cleans air in an ICU room:

ICU Clear Air ICU Clear Air

Before: This diagram shows an ICU with a lobby area, negative pressure and ceiling mounted grills for air changes.

Ceiling mounted grills are known to have the potential to give misleading whole room hourly air change rates. The main flow is across the ceiling.
Often at patient level the flow is significantly reduced even in purpose designed facilities.  With ventilated patients the core risk is around CPR and intubation as filters will be applied to ventilator exhaust outlets.

After: The diagrams above illustrate how Air Sentry® removes all opportunistic danger from the air within a ICU room.

The Air Sentry® unit creates a whole room air current. This air is continuously cycled through our EN14644 part 3 bespoke filtration system which removes all particles, including coronavirus with an efficiency of 99.9999%.

Wall Mounted Air Sentry Medical Air Purifier

Clinical Speciality
and Deployment

How Air Sentry® is deployed is dependent on the clinical area, the healthcare requirements of the space and the size of the room. 

For more detailed information on how Air Sentry® is deployed across healthcare spaces visit the pages below:

Aerosol Generating Procedure (AGP) Calculator

Calculate how many Air Sentry® Units are required to make the air in your space safe. 

This tool will also calculate the time required between patients to achieve 5 air changes for AGP purposes. 

Nottingham University Hospitals

The Air Sentry® Mobile System, AeroTrakTM laboratory grade particle counter and 1μm particle generating tubes with visual smoke, were evaluated by Nottingham University Hospitals in 2020, at the height of the Coronavirus pandemic. 

Air Sentry®’s Ultra Clean® air system was confirmed to rapidly create and maintain an Clean ISO level 7 equivalent environment in the test clinical areas. Smoke dispersal testing was undertaken between patients using a 1μm oil.  Results showed rapid dispersal and an air current that pulled the aerosol plume downwards, away from faces.

Two hundred Air Sentry® units, across two hospital sites, were initially implemented by Nottingham University Hospitals due to these results. Areas covered include the emergency department, covid assessment wards, endoscopy, ENT, lung function department, respiratory wards, dental departments, care of the elderly and cardiology.

These findings are the subject of a research paper due to be published in 2021. This hospital group have since placed orders for additional units with almost 300 on-site at present. 

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