About Airsentry

Air Sentry® is a unique Air Purifier System that has been evolved alongside NHS trusts to combat air transmitted or transported disease.

It is normally used as a fixed system, sited on a wall out of reach, where it produces a slow moving, whole room air current. It has been in use in NHS hospitals & Private Healthcare institutions since 2000.

Air Sentry® is a quick, easy and cost effective method of reducing all airborne risks to health, including coronavirus. 99.9999% effective.


In 2009, during the Swine Flu outbreak, a mobile system was evolved alongside Belfast Hospital for Sick Children.

This was designed to offer increased capability, manoeuvrability, whilst being as discrete in use as possible. This went into production in 2014.
The system operates against all air carried pathogens, or particles supporting them, using the same basis as hospital air requirements for UCV lamina flow canopies or isolation room air systems.
It is able to offer either positive or negative pressure when installed. It uses a unique five stage filtration unit, which allows for extensive life, whilst filtering to a very high standard. The filter’s highest level is H.E.P.A 14 but overlaps to U.L.P.A 15.
It also carries defence grade activated carbon to remove chemical hazards and smells, such as laser plumes, anaesthetic agents etc.

Based in Malmesbury, Wiltshire, Airsentry® is focused on producing high quality products, to help protect staff and patients from outbreaks.

NHS Air Purifier Systems

Below are some examples of earlier systems, which are in use currently for ICU, A&E, Burns, HIV, PICU, Isolation, Infectious Diseases, Oncology and


The air purification system has also been used for small OR areas regulated by the CQC.

Air Sentry Limited is a ISO9001:2015 quality registered company.

An early wall mounted Air Sentry Air Purifier
Early fixed system 2011
Ultra Clean Air Purification System with Positive Pressure
Mobile based fixed Ultra Clean system with Positive Pressure in small private OR area, London 2014 Working closely with Malmesbury based Megasteel subsidiary, Sweetnam & Bradley Ltd, we have the manufacturing capability of over a 1000 units a week.

Air Sentry have two Air Management Systems
designed for high risk and low risk pathogen areas:

Air Sentry Medical Grade Air Purifier

air purification

Designed for high risk pathogen areas such as Hospital Covid wards, ICU & Cohort wards.

K9 air purifier, designed for lower risk areas

Air Purification

Designed for lower risk pathogen areas such as GP Practices, Dental surgeries, residential care & commercial.

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