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Positive Pressure in a Hospital

Utilising Air Sentry to provide Positive Pressure in a room environment

NHS Air Filtration Supplier since 2000. Contact Positive Pressure Protects the Patient The 4 ‘P’s mnemonic to help remember how and why it is utilised. Positive pressure is often associated with operating rooms, where it is used universally to protect patients being operated upon from airborne pathogens entering the room via the airborne route. It is also now being used in minor operating environments and some outpatient type areas for the same reason, particularly around particularly vulnerable patients, who may be significantly immune compromised. Positive Wall Mounted Pressure Unit Positive Mobile Pressure Unit Air Sentry’s system has been successfully used

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Aerosol Generating Procedure

What is an Aerosol Generating Procedure?

How do we protect medical staff from AGPs and the Role of the AGP Calculator? NHS Air Filtration Supplier since 2000. Contact What is an Aerosol Generating Procedure? What risk does this create for healthcare professionals? The term ‘Aerosol Generating Procedure’ (AGP) is used to describe an activity that may result in the release of small airborne particles (aerosols) or droplets.  If the patient is suffering from an infectious disease this may be transmitted through the airborne or droplet route during an AGP. Medical procedures in this category form a lengthy list, which includes tracheal intubation and extubation, manual ventilation,

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Tricky triangle

Winter Window Dilemma

Winter Window Dilemna – Air Purifiers or an Open Window? Do we need to throw open the windows to limit the risk of Coronavirus infection this winter? Contact Heating your work space while maintaining infection control. Heating costs versus Coronavirus infection. The winter window dilemma. Government public health protocols are subject to regular review and update as the Coronavirus pandemic evolves. It can be difficult to be ready for future stages and balance conflicting needs. While throwing open the windows might solve one problem, it introduces others and sends expensive energy out of those windows too. Your staff want to

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MEDICA Leading International Trade Fair

Is this Team Photograph Covid Safe?

The answer is yes, read on to hear how Infection Control measures protect the group to almost zero risk. Covid protection measures explained. Contact Team Photograph MEDICA Leading International Trade Fair The above photo was taken at the MEDICA exhibition in November 2021. Let’s explain the Infection Control Measures: There are two Air Sentry hospital grade units running on this area. The air quality has been tested before the photograph was taken. We therefore knew the air was clean. Once the air is confirmed as clean. The Air Sentry System keeps it clean. Everyone in the photo had been wearing

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Medical Air Purifier HEPA Filter

Do air purifiers work?

The answer is yes, if they are designed and deployed correctly. What are the critical elements in design and deployment? Talk to us Do Air Purifiers work? Firstly, let’s understand what is in the air. The air in your home and the air in hospitals is the same air. It seems obvious to state that but it means that many of the things that create problems for patients in hospitals are also in the air in our homes, and vice versa. Dust mites and bed mites float around in unseen quantities that our minds do not wish to accept. Moulds

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