Classroom Air Purifier

Educational establishments are under constant pressure from a variety of hazards.

Some sites have issues with asbestos used in their buildings, currently all have concerns regarding coronavirus and all also have worries regarding air pollution.

A single Air Sentry® unit is sufficient for most average size classrooms.

Classroom Air Purifier Air Pollution

Air pollutants are believed to affect childhood development and cognitive ability. Some children have differing ability to their peers and are therefore even more vulnerable.

With regard to disease transmission, the current advice regarding two metres is difficult to apply in a school setting. Whilst most children appear to be relatively unharmed by coronavirus, they do carry it and this asymptomatic spread could be quite serious. This presents potential hazards to teaching staff, parents and of course the more vulnerable children who attend.

Air Sentry® with its existing hospital grade systems can offer to reduce the air side of this risk. It will be very difficult to prevent children catching and transmitting the disease in school setting but we can reduce the chance of education staff catching it. By maintaining good infection control, following the governments guidance, the main risk to teaching staff is from the third infection vector, air borne micro droplets or droplet nuclei. A classroom maintained as Ultra Clean™, where such procedures are followed, would have near zero risk to educational staff. With good cleaning regimes in place, this empowers a crucial part of our economic support structure to be operational.

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