How Do Air Purifiers Work?

Air Sentry® is primarily a fixed system, that also has a mobile version available.  Both fixed and mobile systems use Ultra Clean recirculation as a core module, but can also offer ‘fresh air’ and pressure differential. 

The system generates a slow moving ,whole room air current. This slow moving flow ‘pulls’ air from the entire room, including corner areas, which are a problem for existing approaches, especially where ventilation inlets and outlets are solely ceiling mounted. There is a very high grade of air mixing occurring during this process and the system normally achieves an equivalent air quality to an ISO level 7 clean room. 

This system can work independently or be used alongside
any existing system to enhance biosecurity.

1. Air Flow

The flow from the Air Sentry® system forms a rotational motion within the slow moving air stream, throughout the entire room.

The slow moving flow occurs throughout the entire room, including corners. Surface depositing is significantly reduced. Ultra Clean® air; near sterile, exits the system and rotates upwards to form a return path. This pushes the ultra clean air over the patient area from a high level, creating an extreme level of mixing and air dilution.

This creates a significant level of mixing within the room environment, maximising dilution. Dilution is the rationale behind all healthcare ventilation systems used for infection control.

1. Air Flow

Graphic showing how an Air Sentry air purification system circulates purified air

2. Design

The unique design of Air Sentry® means that our system exceeds actual air change requirements.

In an ICU room, the dilution effect is equivalent to around sixty air changes per hour, without the noise or wind that would be required to achieve this conventionally. The majority of rooms are maintained at ISO EN Level 7, significantly cleaner than ‘normal’ hospital air.

Our clients specify their required design based around several core modules. If a bespoke solution is required, we can produce it.

2. Design

Wall Mounted Air Sentry Medical Air Purifier

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