Clean Air, An essential that should be a Human Right

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Clean Air, Essential for Survival

We require clean air to breathe and survive. This was made obvious during the Great Smog of London which was responsible for the deaths of up to 12,000 people.

From Friday December 5th to Tuesday December 9th 1952 London suffered from ‘The Great Smog’ as a period of unusually cold weather, an anticyclone and an extended windless period, allowed airborne pollutants, mostly arising from the burning of coal, to build up over the city.

As well as impacting visibility the smog had a significant impact on health. It was believed that over 4,000 deaths occurred directly as a result. However, more recent research shows that between 10,000 and 12,000 Londoners lost their lives during this period. As well as those that died, more than 100,000 people were made ill by the impact on their  respiratory systems. 

Nelson's Column in the Great Smog of London

Nelson’s Column in the Great Smog of London in 1952

Nelson's Column

Nelson’s Column today

Cleaning up London's Air

Since then, London has seen lots of legislation introduced to improve air quality. In direct response to the Great Smog, the City of London Act was introduced in 1954, followed by the Clean Air Acts of 1956 and 1968. All of these Acts focussed on cleaning up the air by reducing air pollution caused by the burning of coal and other industrial activities.

More recently, the London authorities have taken further steps to clean up London’s air. First with the Low Emission Zone, LEZ which came into operation in February 2008 followed by the Ultra Low Emission Zone, ULEZ, which was originally introduced in the centre of London in 2019, expanded to areas inside the North and South Circular roads in 2021 and then extended to all London boroughs in 2023.

Moving inside, clean air is even more critical in our hospitals, dentists, health centres and all of the other places that we rely to provide healthcare and other forms of care, anywhere where vulnerable people may be.

And it’s not just pollution that we have to worry about. The air in our medical facilities must be clear of pathogens too. Viruses such as the common cold, Coronavirus, Flu to Chickenpox, Measles and many more. As well as the viral and bacteriological risks there’s the risk posed by fungal spores which can cause allergic reactions, asthma, coughing and more.

None of which you want in environments containing vulnerable people, such as those who are immune compromised, the very young, the elderly, the infirm and those recovering from operations.

In the UK we are lucky to have the Government looking out for our air quality and associated health benefits of breathing clean air. At the time of writing a new “Clean Air Bill” has passed its 1st Reading in the House of Commons. The aim of the Bill is to establish clean air to breath as a right, to reduce indoor and outdoor pollution in the home and to set minimum standards for air quality in the workplace. You can read the details, and track the Bill’s progress on the Parliament website.

And there’s more great news on clean air. BS40102 is a new British Standard on health and wellbeing, thermal comfort, indoor air quality and overheating in buildings. It is proposed that the new standard will provide a way of evaluating, and rating, the indoor environment which will lead to enhancements in the indoor environment leading to improvements in the well-being of building occupants, from staff to visitors, from tenants to customers, in fact to everybody that enters buildings covered by this new standard.

BS40102 not only covers air quality but addresses light quality, thermal comfort and noise, aka soundscape quality.

An Air Sentry K9 HEPA Air Purifier

Even before these standards and Bills are in place, Air Sentry has been striving, and succeeding, in providing clean, pathogen and particle free, air to those that need it.

An Air Sentry medical grade air purification system is not just an air purifier, it ensures that medically clean air is gently circulated to all corners of the room they are used in. Our unique design ensures that no pockets of potentially contaminated air are allowed to form and our high efficiency filtration system, which runs for 2 years without anything more than a 12 month service, guarantees that all contaminants are removed.

When you see an Air Sentry Air Purification system in use you know that your atmosphere is guaranteed to be clear of pollution, pathogens and PM2.5s.

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