Medical Air Purifiers

HEPA Filter Air Purifiers designed for Healthcare.

Fixed & Mobile Medical Grade Air Purifiers.

Medical Air Purifiers Since 2000

Air Sentry have over 22+ years experience supplying NHS hospitals with Medical Grade Protection.

This includes evolving our system to comply with htm 03-01 specialised ventilation for healthcare premises.

Air Sentry®’s Filtration Systems remove Viruses and Bacteria to create Clean Air in any healthcare space.
Our Modular Air Purifiers rapidly create and maintain an Ultra Clean® ISO level 7 Purified Air Status which is significantly better than outdoor air.

This includes our system interfacing with ventilation in healthcare premises. We can achieve this by taking an air intake to the rear of our system as well as more formally interfacing with mechanical ventilation. This means that the ventilation rates achieved can be a mix of mechanical ventilation, natural ventilation and ventilated air to achieve both actual and equivalent ventilation rates. Our systems have much higher clean air delivery rates (CADR rating) than more basic systems designed for non-medical use.

Clean Air for Community Healthcare

Air Sentry’s K9 Air Purification System has been designed especially for Community Healthcare.

The K9 system is the best air purification system on the market.
This is because of its unique, high quality design which has evolved from hospital systems. K9 uses our purpose built EN1822 HEPA 14 filter.
It produces similar room air change rates to the Air sentry system which produces far better air flow than basic air purifiers or ‘scrubbers’.
The huge surface area of our K9 filter allows for a filter life of up to 24 months between changes which helps reduce costs significantly.

Purified air protects healthcare workers and patients in the community.

How do our Medical Air Purifiers work?

The image below depicts flow in an ICU room area, based on zero pressure room data using computational fluid dynamics. Air Sentry® can be wall mounted and so away from the patient area.

This slow moving flow ‘pulls’ air from the entire room, including corner areas, which are a problem for existing approaches. Indeed this is especially true where ventilation inlets and outlets are solely ceiling mounted or in poorly ventilated rooms.

Ceiling located air delivery and extract, as highlighted in HTM 03.01, can result in misleading ACH rates.  In fact Air Sentry compensates for this by producing a whole room air current. As a consequence the patient room has exceptional air mixing and dilution.

In an Intensive Care Unit room, the dilution effect is equivalent to around sixty air changes per hour. Indeed, the majority of rooms maintain ISO EN Level 7 which is significantly cleaner than ‘normal’ hospital air.

Quick Questions:

We supply both mobile and fixed air purification units.

This system can work independently or be used alongside any existing system to enhance biosecurity.
Our wall-mounted system has successfully supplemented an older, non-compliant OR system that has subsequently exceeded air quality requirements since 2010.

This slow moving flow ‘pulls’ air from the entire room, including corner areas, which are a problem for existing approaches, especially where ventilation inlets and outlets are solely ceiling mounted.

Surface depositing is significantly reduced. Ultra Clean®; near sterile filtered air, exits the system and rotates upwards to form a return path. This pushes the ultra clean air over the patient area from a high level, creating an extreme level of mixing and air dilution.

medical air purification process
Medical Air Purifier HEPA Filter

H13 Hepa Filter versus H14 Hepa Filter

In short, H13 & H14 Hepa Filters are both Medical Grade.

Moreover HEPA H13 and H14 relate to the percentage of all airborne particles captured from the air measured at 0.3 microns in diameter.
This is its worst performance point as due to smaller particles dancing these become caught more easily. 

However the percentage of airborne particles will vary as illustrated below:

  • H13 HEPA grade can remove 99.95%
  • H14 HEPA grade removes 99.995%,
  • H14 Air Sentry removes 99.9995% or better.

Critically, the Air Sentry HEPA Air Purifier System utilises an Activated Carbon Filter.

Technical FAQ's

The expected lifespan of the filter is 24 months with normal use.

It is the highest grade filtration test for cartridge filters, as used by the nuclear industry.

EN1822 graded filters are batch tested so we use En1822 media but then test every filter individually to ensure they are 100% compliant.

Our filter has a final grading of H14. However the same filter can achieve U15 status on request.

We use the best approach feasible and then do this to increase value for the healthcare institution.

The system runs on 230v or 100 to 130v

Yes , each unit is individually CE certified and comes with its own certification in the rear of the manual. Likewise, our bespoke systems are CE certified.

Around 70-150w; similar to a light bulb.

We offer a 12-month warranty, but we haven’t had a single failure since 2003.

Max Powerful Fan Flow with modules 230/110v.

Solo – 2800M3/hr/ 2400M3/hr
Full – 4,200M3/hr / 3,600M3/hr
NB The mobile unit becomes fixed floor supported with positive pressure.

This is not necessary as our system runs 24/7 using the same equivalent power as a light bulb. 

Our Activated Carbon Filter captures pathogens such as viruses and bacteria passively. This is important as it means our system is not trying to treat healthcare air actively (such as negative ions or UVC 254nm), which can create unknown side effects within healthcare.

Furthermore, the system can maintain the highest level of air cleanliness to the extent it equates to Clean Room classifications, even for occupied areas. 

Bacteria and viruses measure 0.2 and 0.3 microns in diameter. 

Air Sentry air purification filters are HEPA 14 and therefore remove the smallest pathogens from the air. 

Medical staff often mistake Air Pressures being quoted as protective. Positive pressure protects the patient from disease entering an area via the air. Negative pressure protects those outside from a contagious disease leaving an area via the air. Neither +ve or -ve pressure alone is designed to protect staff. 

Air Sentry’s system can provide both positive and negative pressure as part of the system’s modular approach.

Our high capacity system is able to combine pressure differential with cleaning the air in a way that also protects staff.

In a word, No. 

We tend to work closely with our clients and have a company ethos of “if it goes wrong we fix it”. 

We have NHS and private clients we have worked with for well over a decade and we are happy to provide direct contact where appropriate.

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