Accident & Emergency

Accident and Emergency areas are highly vulnerable to disease arriving with patients. 

Each person is a welcome unknown. There to be supported but often with no medical history known other than the presenting symptoms. With some infections patients may well be asymptomatic.

How to create Ultra Clean Air in the challenging A&E clinincal environment:

1. Triage Areas

Air Sentry® Medical Air Purifiers create Ultra Clean Air in triage and mass casualty areas.

The high specification filtration, combining both a mechanical stop to all airborne disease and a defense grade activated carbon, make it ideal to protect against what is now termed C.B.R.N casualties. Any chemical that is released into the air, any biological substance, such as coronavirus, or radioactive dust, will be safely removed with the atmosphere maintained as Ultra Clean™.

Staff working in an Ultra Clean™ environment are working within a safety net. Full infection control procedures are still required but if an error occurs, a mask leaks, then there is nothing in the general room atmosphere which can cause harm. This reduces staff risk to near zero.

2. Resuscitation

No room has higher potential risk than ‘Resus’.

Patients may receive a range of physical interventions required to save or maintain vital signs, including CPR and Intubation. CPAP is also a well known aerosol generating procedure and the viral or biological load in these rooms can be substantial.

By fitting an Air Sentry® wall mounted Negative Air unit, with HEPA 14 filtration, and our Air Sentry® standard system this risk can be substantially reduced to near zero.

3. Waiting Areas

Removing Airborne Transmission

Patients can be located at two metre stages within a waiting area, but some aerosol transmitted diseases, such as coronavirus, but also measles, TB and other hazards, can potentially pass around a waiting area via the air. With Air Sentry® installed this general air transmission risk can be substantially reduced. With patients wearing barrier masks, following good infection control guidance, this risk can be reduced to near zero. Safer for patients, safer for staff.

Combining the 3 systems​

If required Air Sentry can have all three systems available within one system, allowing the optimal and regulatory compliant approach to be selected, according to each patient need.

It should be noted that the only system that is accepted protects staff in the medical environment is room dilution, which is the approach used by Air Sentry®. Air Sentry® provides a safety net to staff, working on the principle if it isn’t there, you cannot catch it.

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