Air Purification System for Operating Theatres

Modern operating rooms are areas well developed to deal with air handling and infection control.

By the nature of the work conducted, infection prevention is critical and some more expensive operating areas, particularly orthopaedics, utilise lamina flow canopy’s (UCV) to maintain a near sterile atmosphere.

The Air Sentry System creates ultra-clean air in all Operating Theatres:

1. New Operating Rooms

Air Sentry® utilises a very similar approach, albeit a higher grade filtration technology, to lamina flow. 

Our system allows for a considerable reduction in plant room size as the temperature and humidity controlled air can be ducted through our units. This allows for high volume positive or negative pressure control to be implemented, combined with lamina flow style recirculation. The cost of an OR designed this way can be considerably lower, whilst offering a whole room Ultra Clean™ air environment, with none of the associated entrainment issues.

2. Older Operating Rooms

Exceeding regulatory cleanliness tests ten years later.

Air Sentry® can also be used to supplement an existing operating room environment. We have clients who have installed our system into older operating room areas and these are still exceeding regulatory cleanliness tests ten years later.

3. Minor Procedure or smaller Operating Rooms

Airsentry® OR

Passed Care Quality Commission inspections since 2010.

Air Sentry® has several clients using our units for minor procedures, particularly in the private sector. Our units fully comply with regulatory requirements and have been reviewed by Care Quality Commission inspections since 2010. All of our installations report very low or zero surgical site infections.

The total cost of installing and maintaining an Air Sentry® operating area is normally lower than the older systems one years service cost.

Combining the 3 systems​

If required Air Sentry can have all three systems available within one system, allowing the optimal and regulatory compliant approach to be selected, according to each patient need.

It should be noted that the only system that is accepted protects staff in the medical environment is room dilution, which is the approach used by Air Sentry®. Air Sentry® provides a safety net to staff, working on the principle if it isn’t there, you cannot catch it.

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