Air Purifier for Mental Health clinics.

Today the mental health of many people is being adversely affected.

An understandable fear exists, one relating to facing the possibility of our own death or the possible early death of someone we love.

Air Sentry® significantly reduces risk,
reducing risk in a visible manner helps reduce fear.

Peace of Mind

For patients and staff.

Medical staff are under constant threat and pressure. Working in a Covid area or in an area where there is an unknown Covid risk, is a constant strain on the mental health of the many brave people seeking to help others in our healthcare system.

Office staff are scared to return to work. People are grieving, unable to attend the funerals or last moments of their family and friends. This all revolves around risk.

What is the risk and how do we reduce it?

A month ago we had the pleasure of delivering systems to the frontline in London. A nurse was about to enter an isolation room with a coronavirus patient. A short explanation regarding what our system did and her smile has stayed with the writer of this ever since. We could show her the current risk, we could measure it, and in doing so we could show her that is had virtually gone.

Her smile wasn’t just one of gratitude, it was the smile of someone who knew that if her mask leaked, finally, she had something to catch her.

It will take time for the data to show the positive effect fitting a known solution to prevent risk from coronavirus has on staff. In the mean time, consider the common sense approach to risk and fear. Fitting Air Sentry® significantly reduces risk, reducing risk in a visible manner helps reduce fear.

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