AGP Calculator

Aerosol Generating Procedure (AGP)

Air Sentry can be adapted to any clinical or commercial space because it is both a modular and bespoke system.

Use this form to estimate how many
Air Sentry Air Purification Units you require.


  • How many Air Sentry air handling units might be required.
  • Time required between patients to achieve 5 air changes for AGP.

If you would like us to send more information the first four fields must be filled in:
If you know the room dimensions enter them here
You need to calculate volume
if you do not know them all jump to section 2
Section 2
If you have a square area or
If you have a room volume
use this section

If you have a meter square area multiply it by the room height
This will give you room volume
If you are unsure then use the following approximations
Operating room type area - NHS - multiply square area by 3
Non NHS operating room UK and all other areas
multiply square area by 2.7
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