Winter Window Dilemna - Air Purifiers or an Open Window?

Do we need to throw open the windows to limit the risk of Coronavirus infection this winter?

Heating your work space while maintaining infection control.

Heating costs versus Coronavirus infection.

The winter window dilemma.

Government public health protocols are subject to regular review and update as the Coronavirus pandemic evolves. It can be difficult to be ready for future stages and balance conflicting needs. While throwing open the windows might solve one problem, it introduces others and sends expensive energy out of those windows too.

Your staff want to be both safe and warm.

Air Sentry has the solution to provide both with energy efficiency and staff safety at the core of the solution.

Air Sentry is a hospital-grade air filtration system that creates a safe, clean workplace.

Designed for used in hospitals, the Air Sentry filters have a huge surface area.

This allows them to deliver Ultra Clean, near sterile air to the room. All pathogens including Coronavirus are removed.

The unique rotational air flow makes it a ‘whole room’ approach benefiting everyone. The air is cleaned is every part and at every level of the room. This provides workplace assurance to you and your staff.

A typical filter life is normal use is 24 months which therefore minimises maintenance costs. The system removes the necessity to open windows for infection control. Therefore energy costs are reduced. The system can be linked to an existing HVAC system which will provide a balanced mix of external fresh air and mainly recirculated Ultra Clean air, or be used in areas without easy access to external ventilation.

Air Sentry conducts workplace surveys using particle counters and a smoke generator to assess current environments. Our engineers will discuss test results with clients and jointly develop an appropriate air management system and working practices to meet your infection control needs.

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