Is this Team Photograph Covid Safe?

The answer is yes, read on to hear how Infection Control measures protect the group to almost zero risk.

Covid protection measures explained.

Team Photograph

MEDICA Leading International Trade Fair

The above photo was taken at the MEDICA exhibition in November 2021.

Let’s explain the Infection Control Measures:

  1. There are two Air Sentry hospital grade units running on this area.
  2. The air quality has been tested before the photograph was taken. We therefore knew the air was clean.
  3. Once the air is confirmed as clean. The Air Sentry System keeps it clean.
  4. Everyone in the photo had been wearing a mask during the exhibition, most FFP2 and the mask has been removed for the picture.
  5. To enter the hall you need to be double vaccinated.
  6. All of the people photographed have had recent negative tests.
  7. Everyone in the photo has declared to be symptom free.

For all of these reasons, the risk is assessed as being near zero.

This is what we offer our clients. A comprehensive approach to infection control. It isn’t a silver bullet. If you have a sensible and robust infection control procedure in place and maintain air as ultra clean, it must follow your transmission risk is very low, near zero.

We have hospital clients reporting zero Hospital Acquired Infection rates over a ten year period or more using Air Sentry to reinforce good infection control discipline.

"We have hospital clients for over 10+ years reporting zero Hospital Acquired Infection rates. This has been made possible with Air Sentry air purification systems which reinforce good infection control discipline."

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