Air Purifier Against Covid 19

The Air Sentry Air Purification Systems can help protect staff & patients.

Mobile and fixed units across healthcare settings.

We have focused on producing mobile systems to support the NHS.

As our production capacity has increased we will now produce all our systems, including the fixed units.

Droplet nuclei, expressed during coughing or sneezing, are an important factor behind WHO guidance regarding staff protection, particularly where CPAP is utilised. Our system can maintain air as Ultra Clean in any room area, simply by being plugged in. Located away for the patient, out of the way, it pulls air towards it at low level and returns ultra clean, near sterile air, over the patient area.

It its currently being deployed for ICU isolation areas, ICU / HDU, A&E and ward areas being designated for cohorts where CPAP is planned for support.

We have links to clinical papers relating to droplet nuclei, from UK research scientists, and are happy to supply information upon request. WHO have designated Sars-Cov-2 as ‘opportunistically airborne’.

This video from Thailand demonstrates the problem around droplet nuclei and why this designation is correct. The advice it contains regarding opening windows is good advice for people at home if someone may be infected. In a healthcare environment things are more complex, specifically around the use of CPAP or where clinical interventions are occurring.

Both of these are known to produce powerful aerosols which increase in room bio burden and subsequent the risk of an increase in viral load to medical staff.

Due to problems with PPE, including mask sealing, the only safe solution is to ensure treatment area air is clean.

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